How can I apply for a job?

Send your resume to and specify in the subject line the position for which you are applying.

What if I need help searching for a job or applying online?

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at

What is the hiring process like at WFS?

Because our culture is unique, and we want to ensure a good fit for every job, we take great care in reviewing candidates. So depending on the position, the process can take weeks or even months. We appreciate your patience and understanding during the process. The good news is that once we extend an offer, you can be sure it's a solid, well-considered one.

Once I have applied online, how can I contact the hiring manager?

Because we are often recruiting for several positions at once it is not possible for us to provide contact information. We will review your resume and may contact you to discuss your interest and next steps if your qualifications match an available position. If your resume is appropriate for an available job, the recruiter or hiring manager will contact you directly.

If I change my e-mail address, should I resubmit my resume?

If your e-mail address changes, you should resubmit your resume so that we have current contact information for you. 

Where does WFS post recruitment ads?

WFS posts job ads on our website, on Facebook, Twitter and in many of the local newspapers including the Woolwich Observer, the Listowel Independent Plus and the Wellington Advertiser.  Depending on the opportunity, we may post on recruiting websites such as Indeed.

WFS is committed to diversity and inclusion.  Accommodations are available by request at all stages of the recruitment process.


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