Visit WFS Mill 4 Via FarmFood360° Virtual Reality Tour

Take a look inside our very own Mill 4 via virtual reality!!! Wallenstein Feed & Supply Ltd. was proud to partner with Farm & Food Care Ontario recently to create a virtual reality tour of a feed mill for addition to the website in early February 2019.

The new project features both a 360° virtual reality tour and four traditional videos covering topics ranging from the important role that technology plays in Canadian feed mills, to how all employees share a critical role in feeding farm animals safe and nutritious feed. They can all be viewed at

“It is imperative that consumers know the real story about agriculture in Canada. We’re pleased to provide the visuals and commentary necessary to explain the role of a modern feed mill, and assist Farm & Food Care Ontario with this important project,” said Rick Martin, general manager of Wallenstein Feed & Supply Ltd.

Farm & Food Care Ontario’s popular FarmFood360° virtual reality technology gives Canadians access to immersive virtual tours of working farms and food processing plants, all without leaving their homes or classrooms. Four additional tours are currently in development (apple orchard, pig farm, free range and free run egg farms) and will be added to the site in 2019.

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