Accessibility Plan



Contact: Human Resources Manager


Phone number: 519-669-5143

By mail: Box 22, 7307 Wellington Road 86, Wallenstein, Ontario N0B 2S0



We plan to set up a central point of contact for all questions and requests related to accessibility.

We plan to include a statement in our employment policy that accommodation for employees with disabilities is available throughout the employment process.

We plan to provide awareness training for all managers, supervisors and employees on accessibility barriers faced by people with disabilities.

We plan to train all our managers and supervisors on the duty to accommodate.

We plan to update our internal web content to include information on accessibility and support for employees.


The Built Environment

We plan to identify barriers that may hinder current employees with disabilities and employees with disabilities that we may hire in the future. These barriers may include:

Halls and doorways may not be wide enough to pass through in a wheelchair.

Elevator doors may not allow time for people with restricted mobility to enter and exit.

There may not be enough automatic or push-button doors in our primary pathways.

A fire policy and fire safety plan may not be in place for the evacuation of people with disabilities.

Exit instructions may not be printed in large text, and mounted in an accessible, highly visible location.

Accessible parking spaces may not clearly be marked with the International Symbol of Accessibility.


Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

We plan to to ensure our information and communication technologies (ICT) are accessible. We will be asking:

Do we use headings correctly to organize the structure of our content?

Do we give our links unique and descriptive names?

Do we design our forms for accessibility?

Do we use fonts that screen readers and other assistive devices can properly read?

Whenever possible, do we limit the use of images, tables, or other visual representations of information?

Do we ensure there is a strong colour contrast between the text and the backgrounds of your web pages and electronic documents, such as black text on a white background?


Communication, other than ICT

We plan to to ensure our information and communication, other than ICT, is accessible.

We will be asking ourselves the following:

Do we require all employee communications, documents, briefing materials, and presentations is made in plain language?

Do we ensure all documents or presentations that contain images or graphics have alternative text to describe them?

Do we develop examples of plain language communications best practices?

Do we avoid preparation of documents that use colours with low contrast?


The Procurement of Goods, Services and Facilities


Customer Service

We communicate with people with disabilities in ways that take into account their disability.

We train staff who communicate with customers on how to interact and communicate with people with various types of disabilities.

We offer to communicate with customers in person, by email, or writing or any other alternative format requested by the customer.

We ensure that customers are able to use their personal assistive devices while on our premises.



We consulted persons with disabilities by telephone, email and one-on-one discussions in the preparation of this Accessibility Plan.



We accept feedback by mail, telephone, email.

Job position of the person who will receive feedback. (Same as in General above.)

Feedback will be acknowledged in the same way that the feedback is sent to us.

We do not acknowledge feedback that is sent to us anonymously.


Contact: Human Resources Manager


Phone number: 519-669-5143

By mail: Box 22, 7307 Wellington Road 86, Wallenstein, Ontario N0B 2S