Our Commitment to You

Wallenstein Feed & Supply Ltd. is pleased to play an important role in the dynamic and exciting Ontario livestock and poultry industries. We are committed to excellence in our feeding programs and technical service, with the goal of maximizing performance and profitability for our customers.

- Rick Martin, General Manager


We work for you. We do not own land, farms or quota, and we do not compete with you. Our goal is to help your family operation to succeed. We respect your independence and your right to choose your suppliers. You are independent – just like us. We encourage you to work with your suppliers (hatcheries, feed mills, processors) to continue to develop the Ontario agricultural industry.


Supply management has been very good for Canada. Consumers continue to benefit from high quality and fairly priced products that are produced locally on family farms in an environmentally friendly manner. Farmers have enjoyed a stable market and have responded by investing in modern and efficient operations. Suppliers have also benefited from the stability that orderly marketing brings.
Wallenstein Feed & Supply Ltd. continues to offer strong support for Canada’s supply management system as it responds to current and future challenges.