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Nursery Feeding Programs- Complete Feed

The period after weaning is an extremely critical time in a pigs life. The early performance of the pig has a large influence on the overall performance to market weight. The use of different starter diets, formulated to match the digestive capabilities of specific weights and ages of piglets, ensures a smooth transition from sow’s milk to corn and soybean meal based diets.

Wallenstein pig starter feeds have been designed to be fed in sequence (phase feeding) based on the age and bodyweight of the young pig. WFS pig starters are proven to be high performing, cost effective feeds which work well in both off site or traditional on site nurseries. Feeding programs and performance standards are provided for early wean and later weaned piglets.

Nursery Feeding Programs- Premixes

WFS offers a proven line of pig starter premixes. Based on a similar philosophy to our complete feed programs, phase feeding nursery pigs with difference premixes allows producers to maximize performance and minimize cost.

Our early stage starters are high in digestible ingredients such as milk and fish products. Other important components of our program include flavours, sweeteners (stimulate intake), acidifiers and probiotics (for improved digestion and gut health) and an optimal balance of vitamins and trace minerals.