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Grower/Finisher Feeding Programs- Complete Feeds

WFS amino acid and energy balanced hog feeds have been formulated to achieve cost effective high performance throughout the growing and finishing period. The XGP and ULP hog grower feeds and feeding programs are designed to maximize the high lean growth rate potential of genetically improved pigs. Choose between XGP feeding programs for high lean deposition and higher intake pigs and ULP feeding programs for very high lean deposition and moderate intake pigs.

Our newest line of feed; LCP hog growers have the lowest nutrient density of our swine feed lines. They are best suited to producers who are interested in a low feed cost and do not mind a slightly higher feed conversion. Depending on the ingredient costs, the LC program may offer a lower feed cost/kg gain.

Grower feeds are available as a pellet or in meal form using roller milled corn.

Grower/Finisher Feeding Programs- Premixes

All of our grower/finisher premixes are highly fortified with essential trace minerals and vitamins.

Our CLASSIC line of grower finisher premixes is our most conventional line of premix, which contains a moderate amount of lysine.

The ECOPHOS line of grower finisher premixes contains the same amount of nutrition as our Classic line; however, this line contains the enzyme phytase. The addition of phytase will allow the animal to use a greater proportion of the natural phosphorus found in feedstuffs, allowing for a portion of the inorganic phosphorus in the diet to be displaced. This approach is not only cost effective; it results in reduced phosphorus excretion, making it environmentally friendly.

Our AMINOPHOS line is our most environmentally responsible premix program. This product line not only contains phytase but also a full complement of synthetic amino acids. The inclusion of amino acids allows us to minimize the soybean meal inclusion in the ration, lowering overall ration protein levels. As a result, there is a reduction in nitrogen excretion, lowering ammonia levels in the barn. This in turn improves air quality and gut challenges, allowing for improved feed conversion and average daily gain.

WFS also offers a complete line of premix to be fed on farm with dry distillers grains with soluble (DDGS). As the dry milling corn ethanol industry grows, DDGS is becoming more popular as an economical ingredient with swine producers.

At any time, premixes can be customized to suit individual producer needs and on farm ingredients used.