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Production Facilities

Mill 1

  • Specializes in dairy feed and produces bagged and bulk feed
  • Built in 1963 after a major fire
  • Wooden bin construction
  • Two 125 hp Century pellet mills with vertical coolers
  • Progressor batching and pelleting controls
  • One tonne batching scale with one tonne Scott twin ribbon mixer
  • Separate molasses mixer and loading conveyor for textured feeds
  • Three bagging lines
  • Roller mill and plate grinder

Mill 2

  • Specializes in bulk pelleted poultry feed, especially broiler
  • Built in 1988-1989, opened in February 1989
  • Steel bin construction
  • A 200 hp CPM and two 300 hp Sprout pelletmills
  • Two Donmar counter flow coolers and one double pass horizontal cooler
  • 200 hp hammermill
  • Three tonne batching scale with three tonne Hayes & Stolz single ribbon mixer
  • 32 unit micro system with pneumatic delivery to mixer
  • Walinga central vacuum/blower system
  • Repete automated batching control system
  • Progressor pellet mill controls on all lines
  • Automatic sampling at load out

Mill 3

  • Canada’s largest production feed mill, capable of making all types of bulk pelleted feed
  • Built in 2000-2001, opened in May 2001
  • Steel bin construction with multi-height bins
  • One 200 hp CPM, one 300 hp CPM, one 400 hp Sprout and one 500 hp CPM pellet mill
  • Three Geelen counter flow and one Camar counter flow quick change coolers (equipped with 2 decks for less down time between runs)
  • High retention time conditioners for better heat treatment and pellet durability
  • Automated post pellet liquid application for fat
  • 350 hp hammermill
  • Five tonne major batching scale with five tonnes Hayes & Stoltz “enhanced” ribbon mixer
  • 80 unit micro bin system with pneumatic delivery to mixer
  • Automated sampling at loadout
  • Progressor Automation controls
  • One tonne mixer on line 2
  • 35 tph roller grinder
  • 14 high definition microbins
  • 12 tote bin stations

WFS Monkton Premix Facility

  • 15000 sq. ft facility (production, office, and warehouse) opened in 1998
  • 15000 sq. ft warehouse and maintenance shop built in 2009-2010
  • Steel bin construction
  • 2 MT dual ribbon Scott mixer with a 2 MT major batching scale
  • 20 bin micro unit
  • 4 bin tote unit
  • 8 bulk ingredient bins
  • 12 bulk load out bins
  • 3 bagging bins feeding into a semi automatic Taylor digital bagging scale and Fischbein bag closing machine
  • 1 tote filling station
  • 1¾ MT Paddle mixer with manual bagging head
  • ½ MT stainless steel single ribbon mixer with manual bagging head. This mixer is easily torn apart for pressure washing
  • Beta Raven batching system and inventory control
  • Robotic palletizing system