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General Feed Information

Wallenstein Feed & Supply Ltd. (WFS) is committed to helping poultry producers succeed in their farm operations.  We are a leader in supplying high performance, cost-effective poultry feeds and feeding programs.

Our experienced poultry sales and technical representatives can assist you with all aspects of your business:  buying & selling quota, arranging financing, recommending equipment  in addition to providing feeding and management solutions.  Whether you have broilers, layers, turkeys, breeders or other poultry, your first call should be to an experienced WFS Poultry Team member.

Interested in getting into the Poultry Business?

Call WFS to learn about exciting opportunities in supply managed poultry production.

Thinking about making your own Poultry feed?

We manufacture both supplements and premixes for mixing on farm with your own grains and other ingredients.  We can provide an accurate analysis of the potential savings and costs involved so you can determine if making your own feed is the right decision for your operation