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Company History

Wallenstein Feed & Supply Ltd. was founded in 1958, but its roots date back to 1941 when Lloyd Martin’s parents, Eli and Lauretta, purchased the Wallenstein General Store. The store served the local farming community with groceries, hardware, and household products, but also feed for laying hens, chickens, pigs, cattle, and horses.

In 1958, Lloyd was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime. Riverside Feed, a small feed mill in Wallenstein became available for purchase. The price was steep at $90,000, but Lloyd used $30,000 of his own money and financing for the rest to make the purchase. The investment turned out very well and soon the loans were repaid.

Disaster struck on August 9, 1963 when a major fire destroyed most of Lloyd’s new “pride and joy”. Many years later Lloyd is able to look back on this horrible setback with some fondness. The local community and neighbouring mills pitched in, customers remained loyal, employees worked very hard, bankers and suppliers provided support, and the construction of the new mill was completed in a remarkable three months! This “barn raising spirit” is still alive and well today in our local farming community.

After supply management brought some stability to the financially stressed poultry sector in the 1970’s; Wallenstein Feed & Supply’s poultry business grew rapidly. WFS also expanded its swine business and became more independent by developing its own brands of feed.

In 1981, Lloyd’s oldest son Rick joined the family business and worked hard to build a strong sales and nutritional staff. Sales grew quickly, by the late 1980’s it was time to expand. WFS worked with local trades to build Mill 2, a high efficiency feed mill that was the largest feed mill in Canada at the time.

Mill 2 proved to be a big success. WFS attracted several outstanding new sales representatives and continued to develop new and innovative nutritional products. Within ten years WFS was again approaching capacity and was ready to build. Precise micro ingredient weighing, better liquid handling and extensive dust collection systems were incorporated into Mill 3. We also eliminated bottlenecks in the previous mill by building numerous load-out and micro ingredient bins and very fast ingredient receiving. Mill 3 has proven to be a very accurate, flexible and efficient feed mill.

Our goal at WFS is to help our customers succeed. In 2009, we decided that it was necessary to expand our product lines to serve a wider range of farmers in Ontario. On October 1, 2009 WFS purchased Great Lakes Nutrition, a Monkton, ON based premix company. WFS continues to offer a wide range of products and services for the poultry market. We now offer our swine customers products ranging from premix to complete feed combined with exceptional nutrition and service. Our ruminant customers receive technically strong nutritional advice with the same on farm and complete feed options.

WFS continues to be an independent family business (with three generations – Lloyd, Rick, Nancy and Stephanie – working for the company). WFS looks forward to serving Ontario’s very diverse and important agricultural sector throughout the next decade and for many years to come.